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I taught them to cook by Jenny Ridgwell
March 25, 2021
I Taught Them to Cook - my food memoir of teaching cookery in 1970s in an east London comprehensive school. It's a story of a cookery year, as me made things through the seasons - pickling in the autumn, Christmas cakes in December, marmalade in January, rhubarb crumble in early spring, pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. The summer term is judgement time when my students take their 2 hour practical exam - much harder than the Great British Bake Off.
How to find portion sizes
December 10, 2017

Watch our video on how to use The Nutrition Program to work out portion sizes of your dishes for NEA 2 Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE videos NEA 2
December 02, 2017
NEA 2 portfolio recipe analysis, costing, portion control, sensory analysis, star profile using Nutrition Program
Food Science Posters
June 03, 2016

4 Food Science Posters - Food Science Terms (2), Food Science Equipment, and Food Science Questions from Ridgwell Press

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