Free Revision Crossword

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Download our free 2017 Upside Down Dessert Crossword

Nutrition Program survey

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Please help us with our Nutrition Program survey for teaching new Food GCSE

Ideas so far - to list Macro and micro nutrients

To create You tube videos on how to use the Program

Macro and micro nutrients

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Upside Down Desserts

Posted on March 07, 2017 by Jenny Ridgwell | 3 Comments

Revision Guide for 2017 AQA Upside Down Desserts - READY!! ON TIME!!

Book, Powerpoint and Book and PowerPoint


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Food Technology GCSE Exam dates 2017

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Food Controlled Assessment May 7th

Food Technology GCSE June 5th


Food Technology GCSE June 9th


Food Technology GCSE June 5th



Credit card shopping

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From January 1st 2017 our sales payments are by credit card only.

Running a small business and chasing invoice payments for over 3 months is time consuming and expensive so we are working smarter and doing all our business online. I hope you understand and will persuade your school that online credit card shopping is safe and easy, like buying on Amazon! Jenny

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