Uploading Ridgwell Press copyright material on school internet sites

Posted on March 29, 2012 by Jenny Ridgwell | 0 Comments

Recently schools have been putting our copyright material that is for sale onto the internet to be freely downloaded by anyone. This is illegal and we are within our rights to demand payment and invoice the school for the estimated number of downloads that have been given away freely. Teachers have also passed our resources from one to another without payment. This is illegal and unfair. Any school posting material online will be pursued. Anyone passing on our material for free will also be traced.

We also insist that the copyright product is removed immediately from other websites that have acquired the product from the school due to their negligence. 

We want schools to train teachers in the use of the internet and to learn not to put copyright material onto unprotected school websites.

Schools may not reproduce by means of producing CDs or downloading onto ipads, kindles, e-book readers or tablet pcs or sell on our copyright material without seeking permission from us first.Jenny Ridgwell

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