Why don't students like school?

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Michael Gove has read this book  and maybe its message will filter into our classrooms.

What does the book tell us about how students like to learn?

Daniel T Wilingham's goals are to explain how students' minds work and to sort out how to use that knowledge to be a better teacher.

Here are some tips that I learnt! 

Nine principles of the mind and important classroom implications.

    1. Get students to think - solve problems, reason, do mental work that needs effort
    2. Know your audience and prepare work that appeals to them
    3. People are naturally curious but not naturally good thinkers  - factual knowledge is needed to support skill - you can't think well if you don't have facts
    4. Thought is stored in memory so anchor memories
    5. Use context - anchor with existing knowledge
    6. Practise - decide what they need to know most and practise - teaching must be practised too - find out what works well
    7. Work on understanding existing knowledge instead of new knowledge
    8. Children learn in similar ways so plan for that
    9. Talk about success and failure in terms of effort

    Food for thought and I hope to introduce some of the ideas into the resources we are planning for GCSE revision.

    You cannot develop thinking skills without facts.

    Think about the importance of stories and weave them into your work.


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