Pupil Premium - what is it?

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Pupil Premium is a type of funding.  

The total national funding through the Premium is £1.25bn in 2012-13.

Schools receive the Pupil Premium each academic year from the government - the funding is £600 per pupil eligible for Free School Meals or Looked After Children. The total amount the school gets is determined by the number of students receiving Free School Meals.  This funding makes sure that students who receive free school meals are not at a disadvantage compared with others.

The Government’s Pupil Premium Programme supports the achievement and progress of students. The grant is to help narrow the gap in performance and improve the quality of teaching and learning for vulnerable groups of children.

Funding can be used to 

  • help staff provide support before and after school
  • one to one tuition, paired reading, catch up projects
  • provide resources to support learning - including the Nutrition Program 
  • resources for revision and immersion sessions linked to final exams - see our Ridgwell Press revision guides and apps.

Your Value Added indicator can outline student progress. The benchmark is 100 for expected progress.

This is an example of one school's Free School Meals Performance Data


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