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NEA 1 - our 10 tasks

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Andrea Shopify | 0 Comments

I've just completed  NEA 1 10 Tasks - most written in 2016. Thanks to Jill Oliver for investigating the last 3. These Tasks can be used as exemplars to help with exam board titles and include plenty of work linked to the Nutrition Program.

Nutrition of using reduced sugar in cakes

Task titles are

  • Starchy ingredients to thicken sauces and soups  
  • Chemical raising agents used to make scones, cakes and biscuits 
  • Fats used in shortcrust pastry.
  • Flours used in pastry - use for gluten formation tests
  • Gluten in flour for breadmaking
  • Gluten in flour for pasta making
  • Sponge cakes changing the flour
  •  Sponge cakes changing the sugar
  •  Eggs as setting agents
  •  Egg foams and meringues

NEA 1 Books are ready

Revision Questions for Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA Spec by Jenny Ridgwell

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