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Reviews for Food Investigations NEA 1

Posted on September 27, 2017 by Jenny Ridgwell | 0 Comments

Thanks for all the Reviews from food teachers for NEA 1.

Here are some 

This book is well written & accessible to all levels of ability. It covers a wide range of topics and puts the non examination assessment into sharp focus. Well worth the money. (V.N)

Great resource for science in food. Lots of great ideas to put into practice. Going my to try more with KS 3 even thinking of a good science day. (CD)

Great resource to use as a starting point for the new NEA1 tasks. Although obviously not specific to the current live tasks, the advice given is a good starting point. I for one will be using the guidance as a starting point for all future food science investigations in both KS3 and KS4. (FB)

This book has been great to use to get things in place for the new NEA. As a non-food specialist it has been a starting place for a number of our practice science based tasks in year 10. (L)

A great little resource to use in a variety of ways;starting points for KS 4, introduction of investigation work into KS 3 schemes of work. I will make worksheets for pupils to use as homework tasks to get them thinking before tackling a practical investigations or cooking of dishes. May help with application of knowledge. A very versatile resource that is easy to dip in and out of. (J)

Some good little resources especially if you're a non specialist or not (J)

This has been a valuable source of information and help when planning the NEA 1 for WJEC Food and Nutrition. Highly recommended for all planning and preparation. (SD)

A useful introduction to a brand new syllabus (G)

These resources have been tailored perfectly to the new GCSE courses. They reflect the various requirements of different exam boards and the example investigations are clearly formatted and broad in their scope. Brilliant! (LJ)


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