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Food Investigations Star Profile NEA1

100% free download if you use the Nutrition Program - please email for code.

Food Investigations Star Profile and Sensory Analysis using Nutrition Program NEA1

This new resource shows how to use the Nutrition Program to present the results of  Food Investigations for NEA 1.

Worked examples as a step by step include

  • Analysing results of chemical raising agents
  • Meringues and egg white foams
  • Gluten in bread
  • Gluten in pasta

     AQA - Analysis and evaluation (9 marks)  - Students need to analyse and interpret testing results of investigation - practical investigations with graphs, sensory analysis methods, annotated diagrams. 

    OCR - Show completed records of observations and findings - this may include charts, graphs, photos and written descriptions. What does it mean? Show analysis and interpretation of findings.


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