Food Science You Can Eat
Food Science You Can Eat Food Science You Can Eat Food Science You Can Eat Food Science You Can Eat Food Science You Can Eat

Food Science You Can Eat

Available as download or book posted in envelope. You can photocopy, so buy one per school.
Simple ideas to teach complex stuff.  
ISBN-13: 978-1901151305
Why do you need to know food science? - Because it helps you cook better - watch The Great British Bake Off and see how they use food probes, timers and test and watch.
This book is written for you to have fun in food lessons and learn about food science.
Written for Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE 2016 - all boards
Things you need to know - dextrinisation, caramelisation, gelatinisation, shortening, aeration, plasticity, emulsification, coagulation, foam formation, gluten formation, acid denature, enzymic browning, oxidation.
The book is designed so that you learn about science as you cook, and includes simple science - with some more complex teacher's notes at the end!
  • Why do I need to know this science? - I’ll show you how it makes the cooking work
  • Simple experiments - this can be done by students or teachers
  • What can I cook? - recipes that cook in less than 1 hour - to include ingredients, method, equipment, nutrition per portion, allergens
  • How is it used in food products? - investigate the real world uses for this science
  • Did you know - a weird fact - I like these and used them a lot when I was teaching in London


  • How recipes match the science   
  • Why does food science matter?
  • Useful equipment             
  • Caramel                   
  • Dextrin and Maillard reaction        
  • Gelatinisation of starch            
  • Enzymic browning            
  • Protein coagulation        
  • Eggs - Coagulation, Foams, Emulsions                                       
  • Sugar and cooking - cakes            
  • Gluten                     
  • Raising agents - air, steam, carbon dioxide              
  • Pastry and shortening             
  • Acid denature                     
  • Fast Science facts, Glossary, 20 Quick Question Quiz         
  • What went wrong?  Science in Cooking Quiz        
  • Food science crossword            
  • Science terms and mapping        

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