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Food Technology Revision Guide - book and PowerPoint


We guessed the questions really well in 2016 so let's hope for success in 2017!

Download the book and the PowerPoint for a special price of £65

Separately download of book is £45 and download of  Powerpoint is £30 

Downloads only available as time is too short to print hard book copy.

Book contents - includes fun Crossword and answers to questions 


Design briefs to try
Ideas to try
Warm up ideas
Ideas and more
Modify recipes
Healthy Eating Guidelines
Functions of food ingredients
Sugar, Fats, Flour, Eggs, Gelatine
Functions of ingredients - Questions
Pastry making
Methods of cake making
Sponge made by creaming method
How to get high marks
Sketches and annotation
Summer pudding
Blancmange and Creme Caramel
Special dietary needs
Increase the fibre
Portion control
Nutrition and allergens
Taste tests
Standard components
Practice Paper Section A

Practice Section A paper with brief and answers

Exam style questions with answers so your students can see information needed.



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