Food Investigation Task NEA 1
Food Investigation Task NEA 1 Food Investigation Task NEA 1 Food Investigation Task NEA 1

Food Investigation Task NEA 1


All exam boards have a Food Investigation Task NEA1 for the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE. Available as download or printed book.
ISBN 978-1-901151-31-2

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This book focuses on 4 tasks and shows how students can carry out the Investigation with the science and understanding of the properties of ingredients. 

The Investigations explore how to carry out Research, Investigation and Analysis and Evaluation for each task.

How to write the Aim, the Hypothesis, Tips on Annotation, Photography, and Presenting results smartly with Evaluations. 

The aim is to show how to simplify the scientific investigation for the Tasks and explore how to present work smartly.

The Tasks that I have chosen to investigate are possible choices by the exam boards for NEA 1, based on their sample suggestions. I've carried out the Tasks to discover the investigation possibilities, and linked all tasks to relevant food science.

Task 1
Starchy ingredients to thicken sauces and soups

Task 2
Raising agents used to make scones, cakes and biscuits

Task 3
Fats used in shortcrust pastry.

Task 4
Flours used in pastry

The Task Investigations follow the requirements of the exam boards AQA, OCR and Eduqas.

Includes Tips on carrying out the Investigation, Ideas for using IT, Exam style questions with answers linked to the Investigations.

I have worked through the experiments and presented my results for this book.
They can be used as exemplars for other NEA 1 Investigations.


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