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Modern and Smart Fabrics PowerPoint Download

PowerPoint describing modern and smart fabrics, including definitions based on National Curriculum.

Biomimetic fabrics such as Stomatex, SpeedoFastskin with a video clip showing how the fabric mimics the sharks skin, 

Micro-encapsulated textiles - which change with touch - are they smart or just clever technical fabrics?

Phase changing fabric Outlast with video clip - smart

Heat and light changing fabrics - smart - thermochromic, UV reactive and glow in the dark phosphorescent fabric

Reflective trims - innovative technical fabrics

Medical and geotextiles - technical fabrics

AQA teacher resource on Smart and Modern Textiles has examples of smart that differ to mine.
Their definition of smart says - A smart material is defined as one which is able to react to external stimulus / changes in the environment without human intervention.  Fastskin is given as a smart fabric but this knitted fabric by Speedo mimics the shark's skin but it does not react - it merely lets the water flow over quickly for swimmers to swim faster. It is technical not smart as it does not change.
Outlast is shown as a smart fabric but micro-encapsulated ones are not. But Outlast is micro-encapsulated with phase changing oils.Thermochromic and UV reactive are also micro-encapsulated and also called smart! Fabrics which are micro-encapsulated to release mosquito repellants and fragrances are not classified by AQA as smart - but they do react to touch but this is human intervention.
Phosphorescent textiles have not been classified as smart but they are microencapsulated pigments which absorb energy from light and release this energy when it is dark so they react and are activated to illuminate without human intervention - so I reckon they are smart and AQA does not. 

For the exam take the definitions the exam board says - but as a scientist I challenge and test definitions! 

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