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Modified starch book - download

Smart food used by industry. KS4, A level. ISBN 1901151077 Suitable for Food Preparation and Nutrition 2016 GCSE
This book focuses on the role of modified starch in ready made food products. It follows the history of the development of food starches and explains why and how starches are modified.This book is written with the help of experts from the food industry and explores the development of modified starch, how it is modified to improve its properties and gives examples of how it is used by the food industry.

Modified starch is a modern material which has been developed by new processes and altered to perform special functions in food products. It can be changed so that it doesn’t break down during processing, and altered so that it is easy and quick to mix into an instant sauce. There is experimental work along with a Glossary of terms.
Suitable for K4 and essential for AS/A level.
27 A4 pages

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