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NEA 1 Food Investigations 10 Tasks (Offer)

NEA 1 Food Investigations 10 Tasks (Offer)

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84 pages focus on 10 NEA 1 tasks and shows how to carry out the Investigation with the science and understanding of the properties of ingredients. The Nutrition Program is used for nutritional analysis, star profiles and evaluations. Based on original research from 2016.

Explore how to carry out Research, Investigation, Analysis and Evaluation for each Task.
Write the Aim, the Hypothesis, see Tips on Annotation, Photography, and Presenting results smartly with Evaluations. 

Simplify the scientific investigation for the Tasks and present work smartly.

I've carried out the Tasks to discover the investigation possibilities, and linked all tasks to food science.

  • Task 1 - Starchy ingredients to thicken sauces and soups  
  • Task 2  - Chemical raising agents for scones, cakes and biscuits 
  • Task 3  - Fats used in shortcrust pastry. (Eduqas, OCR, AQA)
  • Task 4  - Flours used in pastry - use for gluten tests (AQA)
  • Task 5  - Gluten in flour for breadmaking
  • Task 6 - Gluten in flour for pasta making
  • Task 7  - Sponge cakes - changing the flour
  • Task 8  - Sponge cakes  - changing the sugar
  • Task 9  - Eggs as setting agents (AQA, Eduqas)
  • Task 10  - Egg foams and meringues

Task Investigations follow the requirements of the exam boards AQA, OCR and Eduqas. Use as exemplars for other NEA 1 Investigations.

Key words used by exam boards throughout the text -

  •     Research
  •     Investigation
  •     Analysis
  •     Evaluation - Evaluate
  •     Hypothesis
  •     Annotate
  •     Food science
  •     Experiments
  •     Fair test
  •     Sensory testing and tasting
  •     Conclusions

ISBN 9781901151565  - Book first written in 2016 Thanks to Jill Oliver for collaboration.

Sample pages from previous NEA 1


Please note this book contains 3 extra tasks - if you have already bought the 4 or 7 tasks, please contact us.

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