Revision Guides Food Technology Jenny Ridgwell

Revision Food Technology GCSE 3 part set - download by email



Revision Food Technology 3 part set includes:


1.) Food Technology Guide Book

A complete rewrite for 2014 specification.

ISBN 978-1-901151-22-0  84 pages 


2.) Food Technology Power Point

New content 2013

46 Slides match the specification requirements. 

Made to be simple and link to Revision Guide Food Technology.

Have notes with slides linking to specification to help improve results.


3.) Revision Questions for Food Technology

Revision Questions for Food Technology by Jenny Ridgwell ISBN 978-1-901151-21-3 - download ready

100 Quick Questions with Answers for starter and active learning revision. 52 pages

Questions and Answers from Revision Guide for Food Technology - taken from our Revision Guide Food Technology.

You can use the detailed answers to support self assessment so that students can be independent learners.

Includes Revision Maps to speed up learning. 




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