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Revision Questions for Home Economics Food 100 Questions - download

Revision Questions for Home Economics - Food and Nutrition GCSE by Jenny Ridgwell 

ISBN 978-1-901151-21-3

100 Quick Questions with Answers for starter and active learning revision

Questions and Answers from Revision Guide for Home Economics - Food and Nutrition GCSE - taken from our Revision Guide Home Economics Food and Nutrition.

You can use the detailed answers to support self assessment so that students can be independent learners.

Includes Revision Maps to speed up learning.

'The Answer section with awarded marks is like the exam mark scheme. Your students pupils can mark their own work and/or peer mark. This helps them to take more of an active part in assessing and understanding their own learning/revision needs, giving them more of an insight as to how to answer questions. 

It will also provide the teacher with vital information, helping to identify any key areas or missing gaps in pupils knowledge which will inform future planning and focus of lessons.'

Thanks to Paula Crow of Moorside High School for providing us with this information.




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