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The Nutrition Program for NEA 1 and 2 GCSE

The Nutrition Program for NEA 1 and 2 GCSE

Available as book posted in envelope or download.
Simple ideas to teach complex stuff.   

A step by step guide on how to use the Nutrition Program for NEA 1 and NEA 2 investigations and presentation of results.

The book shows clear steps to carry out each activity to use for NEA 1.

Sample on this link

  • Compare the nutrition of ingredients - use for types of flour, sugar in sweeteners - find the working characteristics
  • Sensory analysis - use the tasting word bank, descriptors and create a star profile - analysis of results
  • Evaluate results of sensory analysis
  • Annotate your findings

Key words are highlighted for each section of the Task. Students can try out the skills for each activity to practise for their exams.

NEA2  is shorter version of Food Preparation Assessment Task 2 NEA 2 

The resource focuses on ways to use the Nutrition Program to carry out -

  • Research to find dishes that fit the task - discover the nutritional analysis.
  • Explain how the dishes meet nutritional needs - look at Traffic Lights, RI, and if they fit with a healthy meal.
  • Look at sensory properties - use The Nutrition Program to draw up a Star Profile using our Tasting word bank.
  • Carry out nutritional analysis of dishes - produce a food label using Nutrition Program
  • Analyse the nutrition - annotate the food label.
  • Carry out sensory analysis and add tasters, then write evaluation - all done through Nutrition Program.
  • Use sensory descriptors from the Nutrition Program
  • Cost the dish - the Nutrition Program has costs of ingredients
  • Conclude, annotate and think of improvements.

It looks at key words used for NEA 2 in research, nutritional analysis, sensory testing and evaluation.


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